The New World Order

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People think they live in a free country and are well educated and really know the truth about history and what happened but they have been lied to and indoctrinated from birth to death by the Public/Government run and funded schools and colleges issuing the Doctorate Degrees to cover up thousands of years of atrocities deliberately perpetrated against humanity.

Slavery, Whippings, the Bull Whip, the Multi-National Traiders/Traitors and Colonialism/Colonel-ist, Colonies didn’t start with the Europeans but with the Africans and Muslims thousands of years ago. The culmination of all this evidence will clearly show that all of this death and destruction go directly back to Africa and their Muslim descendants who came up out of the Abyss, Abyssinia and are those same people throughout the world, especially in the United States of America and Europe claiming to be the victims and the oppressed who are actually the victimizers and oppressors of innocent men women, children and even babies.

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