One Last Concert

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A boys choir in the United Kingdom has spent months raising money to go to Australia and give a series of concerts Downunder.

The whole village of Brighton is behind the boys and their melodic voices as they excitedly prepare for their overseas trip.

The boys’ bus is late so a second bus is ordered to get them to the airport on time for their flight. Disaster strikes and the boys meet an early demise nobody expected and one that devastates the whole village.

A decade later a newly married couple, John and Melanie Sutton are looking for new digs. John is a sound re-recordist whose job is to dissect sounds and improve their quality before tracks are laid on CDs. Melanie is a music teacher.

The Suttons find a former church up for sale in Brighton, check it out and decide to buy the property as it has a ready made home in the form of a priest’s rectory adjoining it. It sits atop a hill overlooking the village and valley below.

John sets up his equipment and decides to make the room where the altar servers and priest used to get changed into a tea room with an instant boil water system.

He sits down to have his first cup of tea in the former church and feels a cold presence, like someone standing between him and the sun. A young boy talks to John and asks if he will hold one last concert for he and the other boys so they can farewell their parents.

The realisation the boys’ spirits are trapped between heaven and earth suddenly dawns on John. He must now decide if he will hold a concert for the dead teenagers and if he does, how will he source new material.

John finds the only things to remember the boys are two acid etched plaques of them in concert – one at the accident site and the other in the former church.

Within a short time John decides he can help the boys move on and enlists some odd help – an artist, the former parish priest, former parents of the boys and the Mayor.

Once John starts the ball rolling to hold the concert, help comes from unexpected quarters including the village, Wales, America and Australia. Who is pulling the strings from behind the scenes to make the concert all come together?

John harnesses the help and finds he has lit a fuse in the national conscience. Suddenly he realises the nation is now behind his efforts to send the boys on, but he can’t tell anyone why he is doing it. This is between he and the boys.

The former parish priest decides to help John and forms a new choir at one his schools. The brother of one of the dead choristers plays a poignant role and together with the new choir and some mates in the local Army Cadets, sets the stage for a concert not to be missed.

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