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Planet Of The Eggs Cracked Open

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With Cracked Open, Planet Of The Eggs launches a new comic book series for comic lovers everywhere. The “eggventure’ begins when the eggs arrive as darkness descends on the Planet of The Eggs. Lost in the mists of time the magic of Eggland reemerges with the arrival of the Anointed Six Egglanders. Under the guardian wing of Eight Hooter, an owl of great wisdom and some strange quirks, the newly laid eggs awaken to embark on perilous adventures. A prophesy kept by the Mystic Council heralds their arrival and predicts their rolls in rescuing Eggland from dark forces. But our eggs are young and untested and unsure. Will they pass the test in the first skirmish with the evil snake BloodBlink or will they fail? The Golden Feather has been stolen and the eggs of Eggland are cracking. What dangers and treachery lurk? Will the Eggs run out of time before they come into their own magic and solve the intertwined mysteries? Join in the adventures, engage with the heroic eggs and follow the trail deeper and deeper into betrayal and the unknown.

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