Ravenquest Book 3

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A Ripple In The Ether

It seems so long ago that the Death Furies under Shinar ruled the land. It is said they all are dead or dying since the great battle with Shinar long ago. But are they truly gone? The Skyebara is having a great healing effect upon Terra Zem as it spreads but it is not without resistance. Shinar’s grip went deep. The ether is the living force in and of all things. So connected is the ether to all of Terra Zem that any disturbance in the land is felt by all like a ripple in a pond when a stone is thrown, its shock waves traveling outward. Indeed there is a ripple in the ether but what is its cause? Will it destroy all the Skyebara has accomplished? Find out as you travel once again with the Shadow Reavers and meet new characters like the Arcamagi, Drogan, Grimhiss, Guymayne and many more as you read Book 3 of the Ravenquest series–A RIPPLE IN THE ETHER.

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