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The Veil Portals Book 1

The Blackest of Ops. The Most Coveted Asset in the Cosmos.
Cooper Pierce is the best Off-World Black Ops Agent our world has ever known. Undercover with the cruel and powerful Echelon, he has discovered the prize. The most coveted asset in the cosmos. SIREN5. The fifth Siren able to open the Veil Portal above Earth and let our Original Makers through.
Cooper has been warned about the Siren’s powers and how she will make him feel around her. But no warnings could have prepared him for the reality of it. And with the last remnants of the Echelon still coursing through him, the ghosts of this undercover role still haunt him. Influence him.
Predators. The pet military of the Old Ones. Dark powers, dark appetites, dark magic. Ones like Rise are given to them as soon as they come of age. Is he feeling her? Or what he would be made to do to her, willingly do to her, if he was still among them?
From the far reaches of the Cosmos to modern day Earth, deeply laid plots, secret players, forbidden worlds and unlikely alliances all hurtle towards the anticipated Veil Opening and the final war.
RISE SIREN5 is a roller coaster of a ride that will shatter your beliefs about who we think we are, and what those in control really want from us.
Keep calm. And remember to sleep and breathe.

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