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Sarah Sofia Delaunay

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Hello and welcome.

I'm Sarah.

And via an Arts Degree, many varied professions, martial arts, dancing, dabbling, guru investigations, way too much self indulgent poetry, and a generous use of my 9 lives, I find myself here.

Wow. What a journey. And what a destination.

As an English Lit Major, it was Anthropology that rocked my world and changed my life. The study of humans and culture. To me, it's one of the ultimate pursuits of truth. Challenging us to find a way to truly see ourselves, devoid of our many filters. Its themes carry through into my writing constantly.

I've always written. It truly is the great big love of my life. And as any writer will tell you what a love story it is! Complete with everything imaginable. Including the self indulgent poetry. :)

The Veil Portals is my first Urban Fantasy Series, and RISE SIREN5, the first book in the series, is my first novel. And I am hooked on this novel writing business!!!!!!! The whole thing is just magical and exquisite to me. I have the hugest smile on my face as I'm writing this.

You'll find my articles around the interwebs, mainly focussed on writing, anthropology, freedom, and marketing for writers.

The other great big love of my life is, of course reading. Ok, and contact sports. And chocolate. And movies. But reading. I do a lot of this reading business.

I've always loved fantasy, action and adventure. The peeps at the DVD store have long abandoned any hope of enticing me out of the SciFi section.

And to be honest I've found more "truth" in these genres than a lot of others which take themselves oh, so very seriously.

More than just rollicking good adventures, they allow us to suspend our 'reality' for a time and explore themes and questions we might not do otherwise.

And that is powerful exploring. The stuff of evolution as well as revolution.

Questions. We should always ask questions. Most of all of ourselves and the filters we've been programmed to see the world with. That's the amateur anthropologist talking.

The truth is out there but it is a fluid, changing, subjective creature.

And every filter we remove from our vision only makes that more fabulous.



Sarah Sofia Delaunay - Author
Urban Fantasy. Hot Fast Real

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