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The Swords Of Darkness

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Appearance of the Krito

Is the first book in the up and coming TSOD series. It lies in the famous genres of adventure and fantasy, consisting of thirteen books.

This book provides an introduction to the world of TSOD, where the entire series is set. The earth is divided in numerous islands, on one of which, namely ‘The Spirit Island,’ live the four Umatsuki siblings. Their parents being sailors of vast importance, they spend an orphaned childhood with their guardian cum teacher – the guild master.

The protagonist, Ichiro Umatsuki’s  thirteenth birthday is marked by a letter addressed from their parents which stated their parent’s deaths. The letter tells them about the evil soul, who supposedly killed the Spirit God and is also the murderer of their parents. It claims that the package attached holds four of the fabled spirit fruits which gives superpowers to the consumers. There are various other details along with a quest to travel through twelve forts, defeating the guardian of each. The siblings ignore it as a stupid childish prank the obviously made up crappy details, but as the future events unfold, the letter doesn’t quite turn out to be all lies.

Facing friendships and betrayal, will they be able to follow through this supernatural action-packed quest and resuscitate their parents? Read the book to enter a beautiful world of mystery, magic and adventure!

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