The Soul Frequencies, by Divya
The Soul Frequencies, by Divya
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The Soul Frequencies

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The Soul Frequencies, by Divya

The Road Map of Life – Introduction

Is your life very complicated? Why is everything so difficult? Read

“Do you attract the most unfortunate circumstances? Or do you have to cope with the most difficult people? Do you never have enough money? No matter how much you do, it’s never enough. You don’t feel appreciated. You are constantly looking for approval? That hollow feeling or deep despair never seems to leave you?

My negative experience lead me to touch my deepest feelings and instead of being depressed or becoming hopeless. I reinvented myself by applying a particular method and the outcome is this wonderful Book. I have shared my experience on some of the most intriguing concepts that I have applied in my life. This knowledge that I acquired and applied since past 23 years, have given me profound results and compelled me to write this book.

Find out :
What your Soul Frequencies are?
What is your current Node of Being (vibrational point)?
How to permanently remove that griping sadness?
How to find lasting Happiness?

In any journey it’s vital to know where we are, before we can travel to where we want to go. In our Life’s Journey it’s crucial to know where we are or what “Node” (Point of Consciousness) we are, before we can travel or change any circumstances.

Congratulations! You are holding a road map of life!

Some of my experiences may resonate with your own. If they don’t, I would request you to keep an open mind while reading this book. My sincere desire today is to touch your heart in someway. Today I hope that you experience the feeling of excitement and bliss that I enjoyed while writing this book. To buy nearly 100 pages of pearls of Wisdom and personal experiences! Click above link to buy.

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