Twisted Intentions

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John Livingston Harvard finds himself constantly juggling the harsh reality of his job as an ex-cop and private eye with his responsibilities as a divorced dad trying to raise his six year old daughter with the love and tenderness that she needs. That balance is severely tested when a woman he has been hired to observe is kidnapped before his very eyes.

While investigating the abduction, Livingston learns that the woman has developed the ultimate hacking program, capable of bringing down not only people and corporations, but entire nations as well. She did this not for greed, but in an ongoing effort to end hacking forever and now her good intentions are being twisted for the benefit of an evil group.

Time is of the essence as he desperately fights to bring her back before her program is employed and her usefulness − and her life − are no longer necessary. As the case unfolds, Livingston finds himself mired in a nightmarish world of corporate espionage and murder that will test not only his skills as a detective, but his very ability to survive as well.

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