The Universes of God 4

The Final Eternity

Outside the holographic universe in what is colloquially called the Spirit World, billions of light-eons from the earth, the God called Yahshua the Exalted One rose slowly from his Throne. The half-hour of silence in Heaven was finally over. Massive detonations of cheering and ecstatic uproar flooded the twelve-billion square-mile Throne Room. Amongst the nuclear roaring of billions of Angels, Jesus stood at the edge of the Throne Podium with his golden robe of light glittering impossible brilliance, flooding the massive room with rotating bands of beautiful gold. The Son of God stood in full formal attire as Yahaveh and David (the Light that guarded the Mercy Seat) stood from their Thrones. They sauntered down the podium and stood regally behind him. This was the hour of The Son of God and all creation held their breath with scorching expectation.

“We’ve waited billions of years and an additional twenty-one thousand years for this glorious day to come…”

Wild cheering detonated as billions fell unto the gold flooring absolutely weak with joy, unable to stand, shaking with trembling emotions, tears boiling in their eyes as the thunderous joy of all shattered all individuality and self-restraint. They were in one accord, one mind, one soul, one determination, and stood overwhelmed that the moment they’d waited endlessly for was finally here. It was impossible to believe.

Jesus lifted his hand trying to still the roaring sea of life. It was absolutely fruitless. He looked over his children gyrating on the flooring in mass, the mother of pearl slick with a billions tears burning in the inferno of unimaginable joy, crying and shouting crippled with debilitating relief. A slow tear rolled down Jesus’s face.

Jesus turned to Yahaveh as a small child to his father. They held each other tight; trembling with overwhelming stupefaction as they reaffirmed everything they’d done was absolutely worth it. They’d now have loving family forever and peace and joy would reign throughout every future of their eternal lives, and never again would any tears pollute the eyes of they who were The One. And The One broke embrace and pulled David into their arms, as the three held each other trembling mightily with unimaginable release.

The Zoon (the four living creatures) spread their massive blues and exploded into flight. From the high above the Throne Room they jump-startled into the roaring sea of life vibrating thunderous bass and hard rhythms. The organic music vibrating their souls, billions returned to their feet, tapping their sandals, moving their knees, before exploding into furious dancing and celebration. Three billion fingers snapped hard to the pulsating beats. The music stopped for a second as billions roared Jesus, Jesus, Jesus repeatedly.

Tens of millions of the Martyred in the Blood who were sheltered under the Thrones appeared in smoky brilliance and exploded into the sea of life twisting to the music. The Zoon vibrated earthquake bass that shook the foundations as the Martyred in the Blood shouted with absolute abandon. The Lord jump-startled dancing furiously, celebrating the impending death of evil and all Yahshua the Exulted One had done for them and their family.

Mariah boogied non-stop in roaring ecstasy, reunited with Allayah, Elias, Jessah, Anirrundda, Lamecah, Mabou, and all his friends he’d not seen for so long. He remembered returning from the ice planet right before all hell broke loose. The Angel reminisced how Allayah tried to tell him before the whole universe shattered into evil and despair. He remembered his sadness over the Job affair and how unfair he thought God was then, everything he’d been through, even to his murder. It all faded into moot insignificance for evil would be dead soon, for all creation could see the returning of righteousness blaring in their faces. The dark tunnel they’d walked for seemingly an eternity was almost over.

Mariah and billions shouted and then shouted one more time, unable to express the joy and gratitude for the munificent One that saved their family, redeemed their friends, and would create a greater universe of peace, brotherhood, newness, purpose, and love forever – because of his great love for them. The Holy Spirit crashed unstoppable upon the throbbing sea of life, saturating their very souls – and they answered howling against the bass vibrating the entire structure. In one accord, eight hundred million Seraphim and Cherubim floated above the billions, fluttering their wings and twisting to the music, rotating in impossible patterns while blowing their trumpets in perfect syncopation. One million harps added a sticky sweetness as billions leapt into the air shouting with impossible joy.

Still sitting on their thrones around the three center Thrones, the twenty-four Elders just couldn’t stand it. With tears streaming down their faces, they threw their crowns in front of Thrones and jump-startled fitfully into the sea of life, shedding all position, blessings and titles, dancing and shouting with the vociferating whole. And the four living beast vibrated so hard they phased in and out of reality, as the Holy Spirit moved across the massive room like flowing water imbruing. No one was immune – this what all of Creation had waited for; it could not be stopped, could not be commanded away, could not be rationally understood, for the love of their Father was beyond Angelic understanding. And far off in the recesses of the sea of life, surrounded by hundreds of millions, God danced with his children bellowing with joy.

The One called Yahaveh couldn’t believe it was almost over. He’d witnessed blistering evil and perniciousness everywhere on the earth and inside the hearts of men – unrelenting, un-abating, no reprieve, no time out, for over fifteen thousand long years. God remembered when he lost his temper before the Great Flood, his nuclear jealously at those who loved evil more than him, his wounded heart that never seemed to heal and the great love and relief he felt now. He’d let his children wound him viciously when he didn’t have to, let them bite him over and over, led them on a tenacious path of evil and redemption when he didn’t have to, and kept them alive until all hope and compassion were utterly exhausted.

He let them hurt him savagely, greater and greater, more escalating until his private tears overwhelmed all of him. Yahaveh remembered when he destroyed the Angelic universe and forced his children into the flesh to be called men. He remembered the risks he took, the self-inflicted pain he patiently endured, because he couldn’t give up on anyone who contained the feeblest spark of repentance. They were just too precious, no matter how many times he wanted to start over, not to feel the agony again. The living God pulsed with tears pouring from his eyes, for his children, for his creation and the endless joy that was just around the corner.

Deep within the fluctuating sea of life, Jesus celebrated totally consumed; there was nothing he loved more in all creation than his children. He remembered the conversations when there was nothing but The One. Before time and space, before any universe, before the concept called nothing even existed, he remembered everything as he howled in concurrence with his zenith adorations. Jesus jump-startled into the air with the Seraphim and Cherubim. He enthused with them in flawless beautiful intricate sophisticated choreography, amongst their wings beating, their voices accentuating and complimenting complex vocals, as a million of harps and strings added sticky sweetness to the pulsating bone-shaking rhythms. The Zoon vibrated a brass section of blaring horns as the music paused; and the whole paused with the music, shouting nuclear how great their Lord had always been. There never was a celebration like this and there’d never be again; it was the unfettered holy pandemonium – detonating riotous unstoppable as the gold flooring slicked wet with a trillion tears of uncontrollable joy.

Yahshua remembered Satan’s first speech, and how billions defected to evil’s message of inclusiveness, self-autonomy and suicidal rebellion. He remembered when all Heaven fractured sick under the intelligent cancer ravaging the civilization they created. He remembered the sixth day creation and then Adam and Eve, and Satan’s murderous rampage that turned his children away from his arms. He remembered the Great Flood and the cleansing of the earth. Jesus remembered lying on the cross as the nails were driven in, savoring slow motion every moment he spent on the cross for them, while dancing with heartrending elation.

The Son of God thought of Allayah, Mariah, David, and Agaliarept and the hundreds of millions who soldiered faithfully billions of years. In the Garden of God, he planted and formed from scratch each perfect plant: each one-of-a-kind priceless precious. Jesus thought about everything that happened and those who already fell mortally wounded. And he thought about his return onto the earth as roaring lion, a monster to those they had blinded and a terror so encompassing that death was preferable than seeing their Creator again. As Jesus twisted in the air with his brothers, a small tear fell, only a nanosecond later to be replaced with roaring joy.

Two more hours passed. Billions fell into emotional exhaustion, falling out of the air onto their faces feverishly worshipping the Lord of Hosts. Righteousness waited a billion eternities for this moment. Now that it was here, millions convulsed in the absolute beauty, unable to contain the unbelievable wonderful expected unexpected. And the whole danced unstoppable for twelve more roaring hours before they calmed down enough for Jesus to even continue…



January 12, 2016


January 12, 2016

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