Unknown Treasures

Do you like true stories with a twist that inspire?

  • A young girl is enticed to ride in a black unmarked car with a stranger? What happens?
  • Melody attends a seminar and memories keep flowing back. How does this affect her?
  • What happens when a young woman in the doctor’s office is to make an unwelcome choice to end the consultation?
  • Nickels, dimes, and quarters. Can a little girl wait for her parents to take her to town?
  • A young lady and man met in a strange way. The meeting affects their lives forever.
  • A girl twelve years of age develops a skin condition that the doctor cannot resolve without unwelcome side effects. Something unusual occurs.
  • A young couple decide to use a home exchange program at (Christmas) the first time in a foreign city and do not speak the language?
  • A young man inherits a cedar chest from his parents. What unusual does he find in it?

Those are just a few of the twists that fill these true stories that can inspire. Unknown Treasures will motivate you to look for the hidden treasure in situations in life.

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