Vital Endurance

What Every Truth-Seeker Needs to Live a Healthy Life

The Vital Endurance book is not just a series of rambling. It’s about how to ‘think of’ and ‘look at’ your lifestyle differently. It helps you to fix your “inner game” of wellness and hone your intuition… This is the real-deal knowledge organized in a way you can implement into your life now.

You will learn:

Potentially the most important aspects of a complete healthy life are often the most overlooked. What I call True Awareness is the “inner game” of healthy living. It includes setting up your thoughts, actions and environment for optimal wellness

healthy livingHow to Finally Make It All Happen for Yourself

healthy livingUnderstanding Why You Don’t Always Do What You Set Out to Do

healthy livingThe Ways You Unknowingly Think that Keep You Stuck Where You Are

healthy living7 Things You Can Do to Take Your Life to the Next Level of Overall Health

healthy livingThe Number One Best Thing You Can Do with 10 Minutes of Free Time

healthy living5 Ways to Hook into the Healing Power of our Natural World

healthy livingWhat Stuff You Need to Kick Out of Your Life Immediately

healthy livingThe 3 Subtle Ways You’re Constantly Undermining Your Wellness

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October 15, 2015


October 15, 2015

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