How will your Career in 2016 be? Make it a great one :-)

New Yr

As a Career Coach, Writer, and Speaker, I’ve had the opportunity to observe several professionals and some of the common patterns- about how they get stuck and stay stuck in careers they know they don’t belong to and what does it take for them to change the directions leading to a new path that’s rewarding and successful.

One statement I hear literally every day goes something like this:

“Chinmayee, I don’t like my career and I know that I don’t want to be here, but I simply can’t figure out what to do? What will make me happy, give me the money I need and want, and also bring more meaning. How do I change my story?”

Guess what? I have been there myself and after having been through my own struggle I am where I am today- And as they say the rest is history!

So I am trying to sum up 5 steps that generally work for people who wish to get over the struggle and change their story-

The five key steps to transforming your career to something you’ll love are:

  1. SEE CAREER AND NOT THE JOB- Do you apply for a job or a career opportunity? Begin to perceive a job as not just a job but a stepping stone for your career. Begin to see how much one puts at stake when one accepts an offer for a career opportunity. A wrong opportunity can totally derail your career while the right career opportunity may take you places.
  2. BE A QUITTER- What we suggest at Change Ur Story, is that you have to be a quitter! Don’t be surprised. What we mean by that is you have to learn to quit the thought, the desire to apply for an opportunity which is not right for you i.e. which doesn’t take you closer to your long term goals.
  3. GET INTO A SELF INQUIRY- Whenever you come across an opportunity, evaluate and inquire. Will this career option utilize my strengths & potential? Is this will give the needed meaning to my career? Is this what I am happy doing?
  4. GET INTO FLASHBACK MODE- See your life in a flashback mode. What were the times when you were happiest at work? What did it take for you to accomplish breakthroughs where you were appreciated or rewarded for performance? What did you do right? What was your environment like? What was right in those moments that made you feel totally aligned with yourself? Make a note of the findings and realign your future goals with reference to these points.
  5. BE COURAGEOUS- Most importantly have the courage to acknowledge the current reality and take the corrective measures no matter how insecure it feels. You may not be able to achieve it in a day but begin with the first step. Have a plan to transition into the career you perceive as a fulfilling career that brings out the best in you. Dare to listen to your calling and take action to Change Ur Story!

Here’s wishing you A Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New Year, with a hope that your career in 2016 be exactly the way you want it to be! More power to you!

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