Who Will Save Our World? The Answer is You!

Who will save our world? There, I answered it. The answer to a question we have a hard time asking ourselves and each other. Are you smiling right now? Did you know that the answer is you? Well, really, it’s you and me and everyone else on the planet.

Okay, maybe you are not smiling right now. Maybe you are thinking how am I going to save the world? I’m not a saint or a superhero! Or maybe you are wondering if the world really needs saving!

Here’s the bad news. The world does need saving. Like it or not, we are moving at such a fast pace that “progress” may be going too fast for many to see the potential damage we are doing to each other and the planet. Just look at our imbalanced and dysfunctional school systems and financial institutions. I know this dates me, but when I went to high school the biggest news was that our school’s typing class got its first electric typewriters.

Think about how fast technology is growing and how fast the population is growing. Technology is reducing our need for large labor forces at a time when our population needs more work and higher paying jobs just to survive. The two forces are colliding. And technology has created some pretty destructive weapons for the wrong hands to play with, as we distractedly throw sand at each other in our sandbox.

Here’s the good news. There is a way for you and me to save the world, without having to become the next Mother Theresa—that’s the part I think that scares us. We think that saving the world requires impossible sacrifices. In our dog-eat-dog world, any level of sacrifice is considered too much. This is the destructive collective thought that we can change, but it requires us to step outside the box of conventional wisdom. See, conventional, unimaginative wisdom is the problem. And an even greater problem is that we have splintered our society so much, that each group has their own spin on conventional wisdom that suites their needs.

You and I are not going to change any of our groups’ conventional wisdom from inside the box. I believe that if Jesus Christ, Buddha and the other great change-makers in our history were alive today and went to Washington D.C. or Wall Street to implement such a sea-change, they would fail. The collective, old consciousness that is locked into these systems would have the change-makers tossed onto the street in a New York minute.

So, is the answer that we just wait until everyone stuck in the old consciousness dies off? Here’s the bad news, we really don’t have time to do this, either. I mean, we’ve progressed ourselves medically into living longer in an over-populated world, right? They have created gerrymandered systems that give them an unfair advantage. We don’t have enough food on the planet for everyone, and we don’t have enough money on the planet for everyone, so someone has to be forced to go, if we want to save our world! Right? Sounds pretty fearful, doesn’t it?

Here’s some more good news. This is more of the old, unimaginative way of thinking. There is enough food in the world or at least there can be. There is enough money in the world—we created the current dysfunctional system and we can create a better one. There are many ways to make the changes we need to make without grave sacrifice on your part or my part. That is, if we finally jump out of the old, soggy box that we have been bumping around in, while time speeds on by us.

Here’s the real secret. The old conventional wisdom box is made from fear. Fear is the driving force in our every-man-for-himself world! Fear has gotten into the roots of our once-great founding ideas. Fear has taken root in our shining city on the hill.

Now let’s jump out of this box we’ve been in all this time. Go ahead, jump! You’ll find it pretty easy, because the walls of the box are falling apart.

Okay, now that we’re out, what do we see? For starters, there are no walls. There are no restrictions or limitations binding us. Feels like freedom. Feels like love! Without limitations surrounding us, we can grow. If we open our eyes wide, we can see how incredibly vast and abundant our world is. We can discover what else is out there. Look over to your left. There’s a huge valley filled with incredible ideas that have never been tried by conventional wisdom.

Oh, look to your right! There’s a new school system that’s not about testing and homework, but about children having fun in school and plenty of time for playing after school with family and friends. (This is happening in a place called Finland, but we never could see it from our box.)

Okay, now in front of us, do you see it? Right there a few miles ahead, it’s a medical system that isn’t driven by financial profits, but by those who profit from its care! Oh, feel that love going on there! And look, the doctors and nurses are smiling and even the administrators. Who knew it could be like this?

Now you’re getting it! What needs to be freed is our minds to realize that the only fear around us was the box that was filled with the fear of lack from no imagination.

All of the answers to all of the problems in the world are waiting outside of the box of conventional wisdom. We are never going to find them if we stay inside, rubbing up against each other, and holding on for dear life!

There’s also something else we discover when we jump out of the box. Some people have already jumped out of the box and are already saving the world. Look at that small group of people saving the lake over there! Look at those people saving the elephants! Look at that group of people designing a new hospital system! And there are many groups of people who are helping the sick and the starving back in the box.

Who is going to save our world? The answer is you and me and everyone inside the box, who are ready to climb out and join the love-based world. It will not come from sweeping, grand change to hard-set conventional wisdom, but from small grass root movements that focus at the local level and try new creative ideas based on love and not lack. Go ahead, find your grass roots organization or start your own cause!

Aren’t your elbows getting sore from rubbing up against everyone else? C’mon, jump with me!

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