Author Picture

Genevieve Fosa

Genevieve Fosa lives and writes in Wayland, Massachusetts. For many years, she worked as a ghostwriter, writing other people’s stories. Now, she is writing stories for herself.

It has been said that writers, especially writers of fiction, should have the right to sue their families if they were not dysfunctional enough to inspire the author with some good story material. When Genevieve was growing up, her family met that criteria beautifully. She has no reason for regret, and will never sue them, as they have given her inspirational material to last for many years of writing.

Genevieve loves good literature, with scenes of well-described drama, written by authors who love to play with words. She turns handsprings over text with captivating descriptions and well-turned phrases. Her boyfriend very kindly puts up with this. He prefers plenty of action, and believes that plots are only somewhat necessary. He says he likes her anyway. For this, Genevieve finds him adorable.

When Mother Calls was written to entertain. The notions of time travel and ghostly visitations seem to be interlocking, so Genevieve explored those possibilities in this book. If the book entertains you as much as it did Genevieve when she wrote it, she will have met her goal.