When Mother Calls

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Josepha Brown leads a staid, and somewhat boring and lonely life, working as an accountant in a law office. She tells herself that she likes predictable, even dull, and she achieves this life style, until one snowy evening her stepmother calls, begging her to come to her home for a seance.
Josepha is not pleased with this. She is tired, and she would much rather go to bed to curl up with a good book. But, her stepmother insists.
When she arrives at her stepmother’s home, she is so exhausted that she falls asleep in the middle of the seance. That is where her troubles begin, for that is when her Uncle Max speaks through her.
The guests at the seance are astounded, and shortly after they imprison Josepha in their underground facility, where they intend to use her to communicate with the spirits of the dead. It is their goal to control what everyone in the world believes to be true, by first controlling what the spirit world believes.
Josepha plots to get away from these people, and discovers that she can travel back in time to the nineteenth century. There, she seeks asylum, and finds family. But, all is not settled; her stepmother and her boss, the lawyer, still need to be dealt with.

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