How To Write a Business Book and Turn it Into Gold

Learn how to write a book for business and make the phone ring like crazy.

Learn How to write a book to grow your business exponentially. It’s easy to write a book. We’ll show you how to do it without even writing a single word. Or we’ll just do it for you from start to finish including marketing, sales, website, social media, everything.

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One of the BIG problems I see with business books is that you write it and then you give it away. You don’t get traction or sales. What’s the point then?  I know, all the marketing gurus tell you to just write a book and then give it away for credibility. But there’s another way.  I’ll show you how to write a book a year, market it so potential customers find it and buy it and then call you to buy whatever you’re selling.  I did it for six years and I do it every day for myself and my partners.

In this how to write a book for business webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to write a book per year without writing a single word
  • How to net $1 million from your book
  • Use social media to explode your promotion
  • Position yourself as “the expert”
  • Get on the news for free publicity
  • Lean exactly how I build my book marketing funnel
  • You want it all done for you? No problem. We’ll do it all for you.

If you have a business book you will learn how to promote it, attract the correct customers and create a marketing funnel. If you don’t have a book you’ll also learn how to write a book, or a book a year, easily and with little or no actual writing.

If you have a business book or are thinking about writing a business book don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn in one hour what it took me more than six years to learn. How to write a book and turn it into gold!

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November 6, 2015


November 6, 2015

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