Quiescence Terminated

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A fantastic novel, from the opening…to the final, chilling ending, the author maintains a wonderful tension that, as a reader, I really enjoyed.
Jefferson Gaskin

Power and political realities ensnare a young Muslim teenage boy in schemes to make religious change. His own quest to make his mark on the world, to be legendary, and to continue a proud family heritage make him a readymade instrument of a diabolical plot. Join him in his struggle to be accepted in the country of his birth. He is a citizen outsider who strives to find himself. He is ambitious and seeks adventure and glory. His nickname is Sam. He doesn’t like it. Sam gets no respect. His early losses in life, his essentially immigrant status in his birth country, and his inexperience propel him to strict orthodox interpretations of good, evil, and destiny. Sam’s quest is urgent; his time on earth is fleeting. By a twist of fate, he is tossed in with another, a mentor. The mentor becomes an unexpected and unlikely buddy that gives him friendship and the vehicle to complete his quest. Sam’s adventures will thrill and evoke strong emotions of empathy and fear. His quest, not one of his own making, and not one that he would chose, concludes with a price.
This adventure thriller opens with a tragedy, a tragedy implemented by man on other men, women and children. A tragedy that furthers global power. The thirst for power is not satiated by one event and other grand schemes are considered. The ruthless quest for global power brings today’s terrorist war to the United States. The authorities struggle to contain the threats and use the sophisticated tools of counter terrorism at their disposal. They are no match for the elements of subversion and surprise and the terrorists inflict wounds of carnage, political instability and public outcry and dismay.

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