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The Heart of an Assassin

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The war between two warring crime families involves the hiring of an Assassin whose loyalty is with no one; except the few people he has learned to love along the way. You are taken into his world as he meticulously plans for the elimination of his mark while at the same time trusting no one. His stern orders to those who hire him leave a lasting impression; one that leaves an uneasy feeling with the head of the family. Not use to being ignored or treated with such contempt, she orders her men to try and find out the identity of the Assassin; an order she learns soon enough to regret. Witness the transformation of a young boy as he loses that which is most precious to him; culminating in his following the same footsteps as the Assassin. You are gripped by the storyline as each page draws you in and dares you to put the book down. But you cannot as each surprising event keeps you riveted and anxious to find out what happens next. In the end you are left wanting more and so the author has provided you with not only the sequel to this story but a prequel as well. Read Tony Bertot’s The Birth of an Assassin (the prequel) The Legacy of the Assassin (the sequel) Tony Bertot’s fourth book he decided to dive into the macabre with; Hell Train

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